Cafe & Kitchen

10 Park Street

A Place Where all Walks and Talks, To Connect over Favourite Food and Coffee.
At The 10 Park Street, we live to make the familiar favourite.Our energy and love for coffee as well as great vegetarian cuisine, sees us celebrate its awesomeness from bean to cup as well as Wok to plate. Our simple, well thought out menu comprises of favourite foods, that hero local produce. Our Cafe and Restaurant welcomes everyone, and provide the perfect answer to “Where will I meet you?”We love food and coffee, and we love what we do. We strive to make the “already loved” even more loveable.

Information About Me


About Me

  • Our focus is our customers, both internal and external. Everything we do revolves around ensuring that all our Customers have positive and productive contact with us.
  • We encourage and support each other to achieve our best at all times in a safe, fun and relaxed environment the answer to “where will i meet you?”.
  • We constantly re-evaluate our services and actively elicit, listen and act upon information for continuous improvement, actively promoting innovative practice in all that we do and are involved with.
  • We actively promote a positive and satisfying work environment and represent The 10 park Street positively at all times We accept responsibility for our actions and are accountable for the results achieved.